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Success-challenged Joe: I’m undecided, should I wallow in this prospect-free zone, or find some way out? What’s your advice?

Mary: Are you happy without prospects? If so, cue up another cat video! If not, click here to find your way back to solutions targeting your success.

Confused Jane: How does finding prospects affect my bottom line? Also, I’m not sure if I want to lose my Hamster Points.

Mary: HamsterSpot Points have no value in the real world, just saying. FINDING prospects is half the battle. Your bottom line will improve only after you’ve NURTURED and CONVERTED prospects.

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  • 10 Easy Ways to Lose Your Valuable Prospects

(And pump up your Hamster Points!)*
By Tai Tanic

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Do what you can to ensure that your prospective buyer can’t find a good reason to choose you during their final decision making process. Consider not returning calls or emails! If you must reply, then deploy the following phrase: “Nevermind, I’m good.”

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